Multi Bin Transport Pty Ltd (MBT)

Bins for the transport of any crop anywhere, 31 Bins for all Applications

Multi Bin Transport (MBT) is a rural based logistics company in northern NSW that specialises in crop logistics anywhere.

Multi Bin Transport can also source materials.

Bins can be left to be filled and the truck does not have to wait to be loaded - resulting in cost savings in many turnaround applications.

MBT also sub contracts trucks and drivers.

Examples of some crops that can be serviced are soy beans, rice, wheat, barley, seeds, mung beans, sugar cane, corn, tea tree leaf and moving and supplying of tea tree mulch from the directors tea tree plantations. Tea tree mulch contains 1% potassium and 1% nitrogen.

MBT also has three garbage bins.

Contact us for more information, or send an enquiry for your job.

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